The Blue Hepatica Journey is a virtual event for all interested persons to give recognition to Estonian veterans and support the charity campaign "Let us Salute!"
From the 1st to the 30th of April participants advance on the map and visit the Estonian Defence Forces Units virtually according to their submitted daily distance. It is not a competition; all participants get a certificate and have a chance to win a raffle prize.


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Your name appears in the Participants' List within 24 hours after the participation fee of 10€ is paid. (2€ will be donated to the charity campaign “
Let us Salute!”)

Track your distance while walking, running, biking, or doing any other non-motorized distance-based activity.

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'Half an Hour Power' in the MapMyFitness/Walk/Run application, and your distance is submitted automatically.

For the manual entry, click here.

Thirteen units of the Estonian Defence Forces are marked on the map. The journey's motion direction is anticlockwise; it begins and ends in the location of the Headquarters.

The participant icon advance on the map within 48 hours after the distance is submitted.