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My name is Hillar Pliiats, I am from Estonia. Since I am an Aikido trainer, I try to explain briefly the connections between motivation and human behavior in the context of starting training.

Quite often we find ourselves at the beginning of some activity with the idea that "I have no motivation to do so". And that's how most people give up certain activities. However, when it comes to motivation, it should be remembered that motivation plays an important role in the development of sports and the sustainability of the chosen activity. There are many different approaches to motivation, but one of the most common is Sage's definition of motivation as an internal state that initiates and directs behavior, defining its direction, intensity, and persistence.

Self Determination Theory is an approach to human motivation and personality that highlights the importance of people's advanced internal resources personality development and behavioral self-regulation. According to the Self Determination Theory, it is a significant criterion towards the goal in the pursuit and achievement of the level at which people are able to satisfy their psychological basic needs.These needs are:

1. Autonomy (how one's perceptions and choices are perceived as behavior in support of autonomy creates self-initiated activities that make physical activity practitioners feel accepted and increase self-determination). Ensuring autonomy means, above all, attitude enthusiasts as personalities who would feel self-determined. Enthusiasts' need for autonomy is also respectable and reliable.

2. Feeling of belonging (connection and caring by other people, communication with team members and feeling of belonging to a group).

3. Competence (that I am capable of something and get it to handle). The need to perceive competence is a key motivating aspect. If the enthusiast feels that he is competent in his sport, then his inner motivation also increases.

Having practiced aikido for 18 years and been a coach for 14 years, it is easier to explain this whole motivational story through aikido. In Aikido (but certainly in many other martial arts), motivation is about choices and achieving goals that could be closely related to commitment. In Aikido, the term "Masakatsu agatsu" is used, which means „True victory (is) victory over yourself. This is also one of the reasons why there are no competitions in Aikidō. Everything I do, I do for myself! In view of the Japanese martial arts, this explanation is very simple: all the disciplines that end in do are the path of choice. Because do is translated as a journey. Aikidō, Kendo, Judo, Iaido, etc. The choices need to be clear in your head and you need to move forward with those choices. For athletes, price motivation is the most valuable intrinsic motivation. Deci and Ryan (1985) argue that intrinsic motivation stems from the innate psychological needs for competence and self-determination. Thus, sport and physical activity deal with intrinsic motivation, as it allows people to experience a sense of competence and autonomy. Athletes whose training is motivated by an interest in and satisfaction with the sport, or athletes who engage in sport in order to constantly outperform themselves, are considered to be internally motivated athletes in their sport.

So what about that intrinsic motivation? Perceptions of intrinsic motivation are different for everyone. Who thinks it is necessary to take care of their health, who thinks that they want to belong to some kind of group, who wants to achieve something, and who just likes the approval of others. The reasons are different, but we still have to take the first step ourselves, setting ourselves (never to anyone else) real goals (including milestones if necessary) and the resources to achieve these goals. For example, if you have decided for yourself that you exercise twice a week, then you are present twice a week. It is all about self-discipline and dedication.

Unfortunately, the following are already sad statistics and Overweight and obesity by WHO (World Health Organisation). the inclusion of which in this article is not intended to intimidate anyone, but to make you think critically about your physical activity habits. Think wisely about how not to be part of it and start today. One is always better than nothing and as many of you already know the motto „Half an Hour Gives Me Power“.


I am very glad that I took the courage and joined the Half an Hour Gives Me Power Challenge right from the start. It came to my life at a very difficult time and encouraged me to find time for myself each day. What I liked (and still do) most about this challenge is the fact that it doesn’t have a certain programme of fitness activities or exercises needed to be done, but rather encourages doing ANYTHING you like or are able to do for just half an hour a day. So I enthusiastically started walking or riding my bike again every time I could – mostly alone, as I needed that time for myself, but also with my family at the weekends. Then I dusted my old zumba DVDs and enjoyed those again. When my then three-year-old daughter discovered JustDance videos from YouTube, the whole family was moving again and what’s the most important thing – we were having lots of fun moving together. What a great and active way to spend quality time together!

I might have done all of that on my own as well, of course, but what really motivated me, was the fact that the community gathers daily feedback of what I’ve done. I think this is also the key to success, at least for those people who need that extra motivation. And – I can’t leave out the fact that the community values teachers by giving them discount when they want to become Premium members. At least for me it was another pleasant surprise. So I happily continue moving as much as I can and believe this whole year being a part of this community will guide me to a more lasting habit of moving myself daily. So thank you for taking the challenge of starting this community yourselves, Karin and Mariliis. It was an awesome idea and I hope it isn’t your last endeavor together!

October 2021


Half an Hour Gives Me Power is the perfect name for this group. It certainly has got me exercising more regularly and feeling more powerful. I used to compete in cross-country running, biathlon, soccer and orienteering. My life used to be all about sports. And then after I had my children I stopped doing sports. I had all of the excuses: I need to do things for my children, I need to work late, I need to make dinner or clean my house. I had all the excuses but looking back they really were just excuses and we can all fit in 30 minutes a day with some flexibility and creativity. I started golf 1.5 years ago and this has started me exercising and getting moving again.

When I was younger I had it in my mind that for me to be exercising I had to be running hard or really tired after training. Half an Hour made me realize that exercise really can be just a 30 minute walk with my dog, or ping pong with my daughter or even bowling on the X-Box with my family. Having turned 50 this year I welcome the extra motivation and support from our community to stay healthy and keep moving. And I think it is important that our children see us exercising and staying fit as this will instill in them the importance of staying healthy.

It is nice to have the support of our whole community but the positivity from Karin and Mariliis is catchy and it is easy to exercise with them behind us. And of course I love a good raffle and it is fun to watch every month hoping my husband or I have won. I love to see all of the pictures and comments of our community from around the world and I am very happy to be a part of this powerful community.

June 2021

Railys and Virge

We practice regularly – intensive walk, Nordic walk or cycling are the activities we like the most. Blue Hepatica's Journey added to the routine exercise playfulness and motivation. It was exciting to follow how individual and team symbols advance on the virtual map, pending actual distances. Even though it was not a competition, it stimulated extra motivation to pass longer distances, to bypass companions or other teams.

Especially now that we haven't been home for so long, it alleviated the longing a bit because, for a moment, we remember all the memories related to the area on the map where we are right now.

As social life is limited during the corona, exercising outdoors with a friend provides an excellent opportunity to spend time together and find a change in everyday activities. A couple of times a week, we had great meetings and conversations. So it was much more fun to walk the familiar trails or discover new walking places. The month of April was superb. There were so many flowers in Belgium, and sometimes you had to make a small stop to take pictures of them :)

April 2021


I am Birgit, an Estonian, currently living in Belgium. The Challenge- Half an Hour Power — has given me the knowledge and the will to exercise, and I have learned to enjoy training. My favorite activity is walking, but I occasionally run, ride my bike or play disc golf. The only thing you need is consistency and that the Challenge gives you. I am so grateful to Karin and Mariliis for inspiring others like me to do something physical every day. It gives you an incredible feeling for the rest of the day and, of course, a better physique. I have done this Challenge since December 2020, and I am glad that exercising has become a regular part of my day. As a mother of three, this exercise time is a time just for me — time to listen to some good music or hear some inspiring podcast. I really appreciate the time that I have just for myself. A bonus is, of course, a chance to win great prizes in every month’s raffle, and I have won several times already. Lucky me, I guess:) I can’t wait what the future brings:) Half an hour gives you power every day, so enjoy it, and a better feeling is guaranteed. The only person that you are competing against is you!

April 2021


Hello, all you beautiful people participating in the great challenge: Half an Hour Power Thank you, Karin Tõevere and Mariliis Randveer for the opportunity to share my story. I am Anette from Norway, currently living in Belgium. I have been exercising, mostly running, and cross country skiing/roller skiing during my whole life. As I am soon turning 50, my body does not withstand running as much as earlier, and I have been “forced” to find new activities (and there aren’t conditions for skiing here in Belgium...) Here on Shape I have been introduced to new activities like tennis, yoga, golf, road biking, and cross-fit that I combine with running and roller skiing for the past years. I also love hiking, and we have a dog that is more than happy to join me. For me exercising is an essential part of my daily life; I like the feeling of getting tired, using my body, and being outside. I believe that in the years to come and by the time I get old, I will be thankful that an active lifestyle will have health-promoting effects! Even though I am pretty active, I find it hard to get out (especially when it’s raining...). But after joining Half an Hour Power, I pull myself together and do one or two activities every day. And I feel really great being a part of an international group; to share and work together across the borders. My whole family is active, and as parents, it’s been important to introduce different physical activities ever since the children were small. All of them have had the chance to try many different sports activities. As they became older, they chose to continue with the ones they found most joyful. Keeping teenagers active can be hard. It’s important that they can do something together with friends and understand the long-term health effects (physical and psychological). And that we encourage them and teach them the secret that it’s never too late to learn a new activity and new skills.

March 2021

Jano Dreamteam

Please meet Jano Dreamteam, the Power-Family in #hhpcommunity

There are five members in Jano's family; three are taking part in the challenge - mom Heldi Jano, daughter Karmel, and son Karl. They formed a team to motivate each other. Jano's family finds it more difficult to find excuses if there's a team behind.

Heldi says she has walked for five months in a row with only 3-4 resting days. She doesn't think she rests too little because she is taking it easy, walking at a moderate pace, taking her time, and enjoying every moment of it. The challenge has given her a new cool community and a good feeling.

Karmel says she would exercise anyway 5-6 times per week, but she likes to represent her family and be part of a family team. It's a good reason to do something active every day.

Karl has discovered that walking every day gives him extra energy, and he has a lot of time to think during walking.

In January, Jano Dreamteam won the team prize, the Half an Hour Gives Me Power mugs.

Thank you, Jano Dreamteam, for participating in the challenge!

March 2021


Please meet Mirjam from Estonia. Mirjam was the lucky one whose name was drawn twice in January's raffle. She won the HHP mug and also the grand prize - Apple AirPods.

Mirjam says she takes part in the challenge because she likes the community and the goals in the challenge really motivate her to move. Her favorite activity is walking. She likes to walk late in the evening when her two daughters are already far asleep.

In the HHP World Tour Mirjam has covered the distance from Tallinn to Pärnu. Her recommendation to others is - listen to interesting podcasts while exercising, and the time and kilometers just fly. (Her favorite ones are Täitsa Pekkis and Sportland Eesti podcast) And of course - join the Half an Hour Gives Me Power Challenge, it's fun and motivating.

February 2021


Katrin participates in the #halfanhourpower challenge. She enjoys beautiful winter and excellent skiing trails with her friends.

February 2021


Half an Hour Gives Me Power has done, what it stands for. Moving my body every day, for at least 30 minutes, has really made me get back my confidence in my body to be active again, after having 2 children and gaining a lot of weight. I don't have to compete with anyone, but it gives me the motivation to push myself out of my comfort zone. Seeing the happy faces and beautiful scenery from all over the world is a big bonus for me.

January 2021