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Any distance/based exercise count as long as you measure the distance with your favourite tracking application.

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2021, WEEK 15 AND 16

It's been a while since our last update. There will be weekly updates again starting next week.

On week 15, Birgit reached her first destination, 694 km from her starting town Mons in Belgium. Her destination was Berlin, the capital of Germany. The city lies at the heart of the North German Plain, but there are over 180km of navigable waterways and more bridges than Venice. So if you ever happen to go to Berlin in real life, it would be a good idea to hire a kayak or take a boat tour for an exciting perspective of the city.

On week 16, Kristiina visited Riga, the capital of Latvia, virtually. Latvia has tons of beaches with almost 500 km of coast, but Kristiina took another direction - she is on her way to Vilnius now through Latvian forests. Btw, do you know how the jeans you are wearing are connected to Latvia? You can thank Latvian-born tailor Jacob Davis for inventing jeans. In 1871 in Reno, Nevada, he invented denim as a tough material for trousers, then made a fortune in partnership with fabric merchant Levi Strauss.


We have 21 travelers and three teams traveling.

Our two teachers, who started their tour from Tartu at the beginning of March, reached their first destination during week 14. The fun fact, in real life, they don't know each other, but on the map, they move almost side by side. The city they arrived in is a beautiful Riga, the capital of Latvia. The city is located on both banks of the river Daugava which separates the city into two parts. Since antiquity, the river Daugava has been a trade route, part of the Vikings' Dvina-Dnieper navigation route to Byzantium.

One more traveler reached the destination connected to Vikings - Karl arrived in Oslo, and Norway is a country where Vikings are originated. Vikings were speaking old Norse, and their greeting was "ver heill ok sæll" (lit. be healthy and happy). Isn't it an excellent way to say hello?


We have 21 travelers and three teams traveling.

The week that connected March and April was outstanding - three travelers reached their destination, and six new travelers joined us.

Heldi and Karmel got to Oslo, Norway's capital. It is the largest city in Norway, but most of it consists of forests. The vast untouched forest surrounds the urban core and can be reached on public transport in under half an hour. No wonder that Oslo's residents are Norway's healthiest with healthy lifestyle habits.

A thousand kilometers away from Oslo, Rene reached Warsaw, Poland's capital, also known as Phoenix city. If it had been in real life, he would have probably visited at least one of the 88 parks in Warsaw and eaten some delicious pierogis before continuing his way to Berlin.

Another great news this week is that we have a new destination on our World Tour map. As you know, all the countries marked on the map are somehow connected to the HHP community. We had newcomers this month living in Finland, so we added Helsinki as one of our destinations.

It is possible to submit your weekly distance here: https://forms.gle/PmfYVZcD4FismtFVA

If you use any of the MapMy applications for measuring your distance. You can add Half an Hour Power as your friend, and you don't have to submit your distance anymore; we will take it straight from the app.


We have 15 travelers and two teams traveling.

It seems to us there is going to be a big arrival party in the upcoming weeks. So many of you are close to the destination. You can let us know then where you want to head next.

End of the 12th week, three travelers are traveling through the Netherlands. The fun fact is that Dutch is the most physically active nation in Europe. Also, as the recent study showed, they are the fifth happiest country in the world. Can you see the connection? :)


We have 15 travelers and two teams traveling.
Have you noticed that one of our traveling teams is on its way to Mongolia? For that purpose, they have to travel through Russia, the world's largest country by area. Its total area is 17,075,400 square kilometers, and it covers more than a ninth of the Earth's land area. The land area in Russia is 1.8 times larger than the total size of the United States.

It's a long way to Mongolia, but I'm sure that they will get there one day because it's possible to cover a longer distance during a week with a team. So far, they have already covered 1650 km.

Keep it going, Jano Dreamteam!


We have 15 travelers and two teams traveling.

Last week Mariliis reached the second capital during her tour. She crossed the EU border and went to London, the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom.

London is famous for its magnificent ancient buildings, like the Palace of Westminster, Tower of London, Big Ben, etc. Less known is the most miniature public statue, "The two mice eating cheese." You should keep your eyes up and open when walking in short street Philpot Lane for seeing that small statue.

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We have 15 travelers and two teams traveling.

We are glad to welcome two new travelers to the World Tour - Piret and Viivika. Both of them are teachers, and both have decided to walk from Tartu, the second-largest city of Estonia, to Riga, the Capital of Latvia. This trip has special meaning to Estonians, especially for teachers as 200 years ago, Kristjan Jaak Peterson, Estonian poet, commonly regarded as a herald of Estonian national literature and the founder of modern Estonian poetry, walked the same route.

Kas siis selle maa keel /Cannot the tongue of this land,/

laulu tuules ei või /In the wind of incantation,/

taevani tõustes üles /Rising up to the heavens,/

igavikku omale otsida? /Seek eternity?/

Kristian Jaak Peterson

Those lines have been interpreted as a claim to reestablish the birthright of the Estonian language.

Kerget jalga teile!


We have 13 travelers and two teams traveling.

During week 8, all our travelers were moving steadily towards their destination. If you look at the map, you can see that one-third of them have reached Germany, the seventh-largest country in Europe with a population of 81 million people. There are over 2100 castles in Germany; have you ever visited any of them?

As we have many new Premium Members joined the March Challenge, so we hope to see more World Tour travelers next week.


We have 12 travelers and two teams traveling.

During week 7, our sister-brother tandem (Karmel and Karl) reached Stockholm, often known as the 'World's Smallest Big City' or the 'World's Biggest Small Town.' It's a city of contrasts. Trends in music, design, fashion, and technology are born there, and innovations that spread worldwide are invented there. Stockholm also has a rich history comprising exciting architecture, museums, the Royal Palace, and the medieval urban core of Gamla Stan.

If you have ever visited Stockholm in real life, you are welcome to share your photos and hints in the comments.

You can also invite all your Swedish friends to the Challenge by sharing the link: https://forms.gle/gg2fidPq6pyEauqP9


Starting today, every Monday, we'll do a World Tour update here.

At the moment, we have 11 travelers and two teams traveling.

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In January, Mariliis reached from the southern Netherlands to Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium and the political capital of Europe, and it is home to 40,000 EU employees and 4,000 NATO employees.

Rene and Jano Dreamteam have covered the distance from Tallinn (and Keila) to Riga, Latvia's capital. Over half of Latvian territory is covered by forest, Rene is heading towards Poland between those snowy trees. At the same time, Jano Dreamteam did a stop in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Did you know that Lithuania was the largest country in Europe by the end of the fourteenth century?

Heldi started her journey from Saaremaa, the largest island in Estonia; on the 6th week, she reached Stockholm, the capital of Sweden - the land of lakes and the nation of the Nobel Prize.

The rest of the travelers are on their way to their first destination, we'll let you know about their progress next week.